Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ron Perlman is a god + Spidey News

There's a lot to like about Ron Perlman: he's not handsome and beautifully-manicured and groomed like so many of Hollywood's male stars; he's appeared in a string of unusual movies, like The City of Lost Children (he spoke, literally, no French, but lead a French film); he's a character actor, not a star (the difference between a star and an actor is that actors convince you they're someone else, while stars convince you that someone else is them).

And then I find out from several news sources yesterday that Ron went through 4 hours of makeup because some poor kid with leukemia wanted to meet and get dressed up like Hellboy. Yes, 4 hours of prosthetics and red makeup, just to give one possibly-dying child a glimpse at his favorite movie/comic character. If, for some crazy reason, Ron Perlman isn't going to heaven, then I don't want in, either.

I don't like harping on anything, especially news I posted last week, I can't help but add this: The Amazing Spider-man, so carefully tailored for the Twilight/Games crowd, had a fairly solid 3 day run at the box office. Fairly solid, that is, unless you compare it to the opening 3-day-take of each of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.

Q.E.D., you unnecessary, pandering reboot! You might enjoy some more opinions on this new pic, so watch the funny/smart Half in the Bag review that went up this week over at Red Letter Media.

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