Sunday, July 29, 2012

TDKR round table, Batman link round-up

I had a good idea, and my fellow reviewers agreed: to post 2-3 paragraph opinions of The Dark Knight Rises by every contributor on Man, I Love Films. I figured it's one of the few movies we would all see, and that we should each get a brief crack at it. The round table is up now, and you can click here to check them out.

I think what impressed me the most is that the 7 of us had very different opinions, and we all approached our reviews differently, too. Naturally, I don't agree with everybody, but it was really cool to work on this together. I finished that mini-review before I completed the full version for this site, yet I worked to make both entries distinct.

It's worth noting that Batman has received a lot of attention on this site. My last Question was about why Bruce Wayne would fight crime with his fists instead of his cash. Last month, I featured a series of Fan-made paintings which contain film characters, Batman among them. May's entries had several Fan-made Gems involving the Caped Crusader: Batman False Start, Gotham City drug PSAs, and the great B@tman musical,  as well as my new favorite, Don't Get Chris Nolan's Batman for your kid's party.

Of course, you should also check out my old favorite Batman Fan-made Gems, the great reviewing duo who tackled all the films in the franchise (but haven't yet reviewed TDKR), as well as my own reviews for The Dark Knight and Batman Begins (which is still my favorite). There will be at least one The Dark Knight Rises double-dip in the future, in addition to any new Fan-made Gems that I think are worth posting here. I wanted to put all these links here to save you the trouble of clicking the search box and entering "Batman..."

As a final note, I should've written this before: regarding a certain real-life tragedy involving TDKR, I feel that the awful loser behind this really wants attention. I think that's pretty obvious, and so I just don't want to give him any attention at all. I'm serious - I've been avoiding news reports since the instant I heard about this. Let that piece of s--t rot in anonymity, I say.

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