Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Star Wars Telenovela

I didn't want to post two Fan-made Gems in 1 week, yet I couldn't sit on this one any longer - and yesterday's video was just terrifying. It's been a light week here for this Half a Film Student, but I've been working hard and prepping new entries, as well as freeing up time so I can also watch and rate the new Nolan/Bale Batman movie. Next week's gonna be damn interesting...

I haven't seen a Spanish soap since I was just a child. Clips that I've seen tell me that it's like an American soap opera, just gloriously on crack and in another language. How can I explain to you readers the sheer passion? How can I explain how grateful I am to Daily of the Day for posting Galaxy of Passion?

This is an altered-subtitles take on scenes we all know from The Empire Strikes Back. And I love knowing that the Spanish word for "gundark" is "gandark." I speak the language, so I can tell you that it's just a straight word-for-word Spanish version of the original film dialogue; the result, tho, is very clever...

Yes, the Wookies have a word for "Space Slut."

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