Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holy F---ing S--t My Chri-t

Ever get someone to perform for your kids' birthday party? Ever had your parents get a performer for your birthday party?

Wrong! Those questions don't matter, because they're rhetorical. What I'm about to show you was brought to my attention last month, thanks to the hard-joking folks at Cracked.

People were hired to play popular comic book characters at a childrens' birthday party. For totally unexplained reasons (pcp?), they... a man dressed as Venom shakes his butt right in a child's face. Yes, I suppose that's in character since Venom is evil, but then what the hell are Spidey and Iron Man are up to?

Brace yourself; this is one intense WTF moment you're about to have:

Yup, you just watched it, and like that little birthday boy biting his fingernails, you can't un-watch it. Of the many, many things about this that I'll never understand, I'll stick with "why do people want to see a bunch of comicbook heroes dance?" Sure, it's different, but don't the sneakers sorta spoil the illusion?

Bonus points go to the guy who dressed up like Batman and left the dance floor once things got all tribal/creepy.


  1. Replies
    1. Right? Who wants hero dancers at their party? Who thinks those are the moves to break out in front of kids? How stupid do the sneakers look?

      A thousand WTFs...


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