Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pixar Worker's Fan Storyboards

Josh Cooley is a storyboard artist at Pixar - one of my favorite film-making studios (now owned, sigh, by Disney). He has worked on Ratatouille, Up, both Cars films, and is uncredited for his work on The Incredibles.

Apparently, he's not just a workman who takes his job as clocking in from 9-5 (or more likely, 9-5 the next morning). He's a fan of film, and a skilled artist. I was very happy, in the third week of June, that Uproxx showed off the art in his new book, Movies R Fun. It's a bunch of storyboards of moments from movies, and they are very, very impressive.

Just follow the Uproxx link above and enjoy the 22 images in their gallery. I'm not sure on the release date for the book, as Amazon is being kind of buggy about it.

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