Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My usual news source, the AV Club, revealed today that Gorge Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney for  $4 Billion. Disney is already moving on this, slating a Star Wars VII film for 2015.

Nice ass-kissing, interviewer!

There is no telling how dumbfounded my dumbfound-ness is. SW is now free from Lucas, which I actually asked for at the start of September. This deal could be used to flood audiences with more and more products and toys and whatnot - but it could also bear a whole lot of productive, gratifying, fan-ingratiating fruit. 

At the same time, this news makes me think that maybe I had a heart attack in the shower, and this is just one last happy hallucination before my brain finally dies.

Thanks to Uproxx for their post on the internet's response through images and gifs. You can also read Aint It Cool's wrap-up of exactly what Disney got (in essence, all the Lucasfilm properties) and what their stated plans are.

These are confusing times. Be... I dunno what to be. So, yeah, be afraid - be very afraid.

I meant to include this in yesterday's Halloween post, but now it's just right:


  1. I'm with you on everything you said here. I was STOKED to find out George Lucas could finally stop murdering the integrity of the original trilogy...and then Disney happened. So remember the days when people were PROUD to be Star Wars fans?

    1. Thanks, Morgan! Yes, we could be going from bad to worse, since Disney could exploit the series even more - just without endlessly tinkering with the movies that have already been made.

      =) I think the better question is: do you remember when you and I were proud to be Star Wars fans? Because, sadly, a lot of people ARE still proud - they're kids who think the prequels are awesome and the original series was slow and dull. God, isn't that even more depressing?


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