Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bad Lip Reading: Fan-made Gem Genius

Ladies and gents, I broke 70k hits yesterday! Quite a milestone - although Blogger didn't track my first 6 months of site traffic, I decided to treat its official count as my own. Either way, I'm happy and flattered to see this day;- well, "to have seen yesterday," but you know what I mean... Moving on:

[08:00 P.M. EST UPDATE: working at a steady pace, there's now a BLR treatment of the recent 2012 Debates. I've embedded it at the end of this article.]

Occasionally, I can't actually get the clip that I want, causing some long-standing gaps for potential Fan-made Gems and certain posts. I'm just Half a Film Student, and I guess I could do better if I went all the way - maybe I'd record a clip and deal with the eventual bs takedown notice. It just doesn't feel like I've done enough when I link to a video.

I was worried I'd never be able to add the clip, but in the weeks after it went live, the uploader allowed embedding. Finally, I can show you Bad Lip Reading's super-funny, absurdist "Edward and Bella" - it's sure to get you laughing, Twilight fan or no...

Damn, it's weird, but after you've seen a few more clips, this style of humor settles in nicely. If you need to be intellectual about it, you can think about the power of sound - the dub works perfectly and it genuinely starts to look like the overlaid voices are what's actually being said.

However, this brilliance isn't restricted to just film. The BLR also makes dubbed versions of politicians' videos. If you're worried this is going to drop into party politics, just rest assured - he does them for Democrats as well as Republicans, and they're equally hysterical. Here's the latest political BLR, for VP candidate Mr. Ryan:

You can also check out the Bad Lip Reading take on The Hunger Games:

I want to support this comedy project, so to give you one more great example of their style, I embedded one of their great song parodies... I'd say what it's of, but I can't bear to type the words - just click and you'll see. Never would've thought I'd hear the words "let's shoot a Russian unicorn."

In the meantime, also check out Ranker's Top 25 Bad Lip Reading videos; you won't regret it.

8PM UPDATE: Was all of the above amazing and a tribute to my skill?- of course it was. Today, however, coincidentally marked the release of BLR's Presidential Debate video. I have to brag now, so I had to add the latest installment. Fortunately, I had no embed problems this time. Let's all enjoy:

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