Sunday, May 12, 2013

Question for the Week of May 6-12: Leslie's Grave

Leslie Nielsen's grave. Thoughts?
Yeah, I remember hearing a lot about this when the man passed away. Leslie Nielsen chose a beautiful bench bearing the words, "Sit whenever you can" on it.

The plaque on his grave, however, is inscribed with the words "Let 'er rip!" I've looked around on various sites, but it's pretty clear that this is real and not photoshopped.

Obviously, any film fan should know that Nielsen spent the last half of his career playing comedic roles, but I wouldn't have guessed he'd invite folks to break wind in front of his final resting place.

In the end, I want to be charitable about this: if it's a simple fart gag, maybe Mr. Nielsen wanted us to think of his death and smile instead of feeling sad. And it is genuinely amusing that someone would do that.

On the other hand, he might simply have meant, "say what you gotta say, and talk as long as you like." That latter option is certainly more palatable, and it's touching. Both ideas, oddly enough, are somewhat selfless; sure, you can't annoy a dead person by gabbing all day, but it's the thought that counts.

[UPDATE: During a packed week, this post also went up in early draft form, like Friday's intentionally-delayed Question also did. I may as well address it aggressively - I may have 3 versions of one entry prepped in this blog, but the barest ones never came up here before. What should I say?

Simply - I couldn't be more pressed for time. Sometimes, I'm kicking myself during a 40 minute commute, seeing these flaws on the site. Even then, I need to wait for a genuine break, often hours later, so I'm being smart and not doing something inappropriate. I don't know where the schedule snafus come from, often enough, and yet I just can't forget my priorities.]

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