Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How It Should've Ended: Star Trek Into Darkness

I won't even try to drudge up what I felt when I read reports and reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness, including DJ's take. I'd be going from second- and third-hand knowledge, and that's only good up to a point. What I heard in the months later makes my toes curl - in a bad way...

For now, I'll just say that the mild evisceration offered by HISHE represents an instance of going easy on them. Like most of life's problems or nuisances, STID just isn't worth getting angry about... But it is worth making fun of:


  1. How It Should've Ended should've been in a quick exchange of emails between Kurtzman and Orci, with one of them saying "I was thinking of doing a Wrath of Khan remake for our second movie, but then I thought 'Wouldn't that be, like, three Star Trek movies in a row that were just warmed over bits of Wrath of Khan?'" and the other replying "Good idea, bro. We should totally give that a rest."

  2. Yeah, well, the first movie was loaded with pointless references to things that happened in other Trek films, so I guess this is a "motif" or "homage."

    Those two words sound way better than "we're sometimes embarrassingly incompetent and hacktastic writers."


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