Friday, June 6, 2014

QftWo 6/2-8: Imposters #52: The Quiet Ones

Well, this is a very pretty image, and not just because I love chiaroscuro. The image is intricate, stark, and a bit confusing as well as unsettling. I like the down-the-middle offset, so that the text serves as the negative space here, even though (obviously) the area is actually being used.

Red was a smart choice for the font, as it further instills the idea that we're looking at a horror poster here. And the oversized "Quiet" also catches the eye quite nicely. While I'm not impressed by the "from the makers of" line, I do think that the tagline is creepy and should pique the interest of people who walked by this ad.

This is a very fine poster - much praise to whoever made it.

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