Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our Homemade Fan-made Gem!

So my friends and I built a table for a series of BBQs and whatnot. When people know what they're doing and have good access to materials, it's not all that difficult. Is it a bit tacky for me to promote this here? Maybe... But who cares? It meets all the requirements to be a Fan-made Gem, just like the 100+ entries I've posted before.

Naturally, tho, people shouldn't be happy with doing the bare minimum. The holes were drilled, everything was screwed in and tightened... We had a table - it was done.

But that's when you really see a person's creativity and style. That's when you pick up some spray paint, make a cardboard cutout, and create something like "Clever Clooney."

It's going on 6 weeks now since CC came into our lives and graced us with its presence. It doesn't matter if a little chip occurred about 7 days into its tenure. Whether it's covered in tools and appliances, plates of food to eat, or bottles of things to drink, it's nice to know that George's smiling face is looking up at us, sharing his love with the world.

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