Wednesday, June 18, 2014

QftWo 6/16-22: Imposters #56 - Neighbors

It's a well-balanced and -composed image - dude with baby offset by different dude with a beer. I think the font for the title is really cool, and I love the way the deep red plays against all the other colors here.

But I don't like the poster, anyway.

The man on the right looks weird, like he's been photoshopped, while Rogen looks normal. The tagline "Family vs. Frat," works with the title to tell you what the movie will be like, yet that doesn't make it a good tagline.

Finally, "from the guys who brought you This is the End" is such a lousy, falsely-personal way of trying to tell the audience that you're all "brahs" and that you should go see this because you liked that. "The guys" doesn't specify whether we're talking directors, writers, producers, or actors. "Who brought you" makes it sound like a pizza delivery, or a gift from Santa, or that bottle of still water you asked your waiter for. Please, guys, we're not brahs - you're millionaires who don't know my name...

Moving on to the second (?) subway ad, I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to put a beer keg tap into an infant's hands, but it was a very, very dumb idea. I don't mind the Mohawk or the frat shirt, but the tap is way too much...

And yet half of this graphic still feels like an improvement over the other one. For one thing, this version bothers to give me the names of the principals (the d--che on the right is Zac Efron?). For another, I do like that this image balances out the other poster by having one central figure instead of two paired off to either side. It's the only thing that justifies putting both posters in the same subway station...


  1. I really like the second poster, beer tap and all. It's over the top, but then again, that's what people who'll go to see this are looking for. The only thing I object to in this image is that damned poster-ubiquitous sky background. Is the baby riding up to heaven on a keg? Is the movie set on the roof of a skyscraper? Is the keg at the top of a totem pole?

    The first poster is awful. I guess that FAMILY VS. FRAT is supposed to be a tag line, but in the poster it winds up looking more like a subtitle, which brings back memories of the immortal "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever."

    1. Okay, magic impossible sky aside, I can see it being a better image. But I doubt it tells as mich about the movie as the first picture does. That's my main objection, I think.


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