Friday, June 13, 2014

QftWo 6/9-15: Imposters #54: Edge of Tomorrow

Well, I can give the same criticism that I gave Elysium - generic damaged future background, oversized shot of the big-draw star, Tom Cruise. To this I can add the fact that the sort-of steampunk weaponry includes a sword, so this looks like a Japanese RPG game.

Hey, at least Cruise shares the poster with a female, the excellent Emily Blunt. Remember how kickass she was in Looper? Anyway, Tom doesn't share poster space often, and I'm glad it's a woman and that she's not way in the background or whateversuch.

Unlike Elysium, though, I have to talk about problems with this film's title. For one thing, it is based on a Japanese work, and this picture was supposed to keep the source's title, All You Need is Kill. Hard to market? Maybe, but it really stands out, references a great and very well-known song, and it tells you that you're in for a violent movie.

Further still, the chosen replacement name is just capital-b Bland. Edge of Tomorrow could be a ride at a Disney park. It could be the slogan for a new razor blade. Or a poorly-received series of scifi novels that are only used as airport reading. True, those words have a slight relationship to the premise, but it is still so terribly dull. I can't imagine getting worked up about how plain this is - I feel only cynical disappointment.

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