Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scotch Pronunciation with Brian Cox

First, a quick schedule update: for the last 14 weeks - since February 26th - I have had new Question entries to entertain and delight everyone. I even have a few more already prepared.

However, since I'm back to my off-site Reviewing with Others posts, I have more entries than I need; if I start posting 5 times per week, the next few months will be painful, and we can't have that. As such, my Imposters will once again double as Questions (as in, "what's wrong/right with this poster") until maybe August. Trust me, this will work out better for us all, and I'll have some good ones ready when they return. Moving on...

Esquire's website has a video series of Scottish actor and all-around kickass dude, Brian Cox. They've relied on his personal life and experience and done the drinking world a service: a real Scottish person explaining how to pronounce the names of over 40 different kinds of Scotch!

I can only find the full series at the link above - several Youtube reposters have cut the clips short - but this one is from Esquire's Youtube channel, and it's the proper length.

This series is two years old now, but you'd have to be crazy to not appreciate the synergy here. I hope this wonderful thesp just collapsed off of his chair when he was done with the list, and dreamed many happy dreams thereafter...

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