Sunday, June 8, 2014

Imposters #53: Legends of Oz

Today, I won't really be analyzing the poster so much as I will talk about its placement. A few weeks ago, I was heading out to a party with my friends when we hit a nice intersection in Brooklyn. One major street crossed with the one we needed to walk down, and a billboard was placed on the side of a building, right on a big open corner.

The problem was that whoever set up the ad space (and whoever paid for it) didn't adjust for the fact that we're in Spring now.

So yeah, that's the view from just across the street, in the direction the ad is facing. I guess some taller cars will be okay, or people driving down the street instead of the avenue, but that is one serious blunder.

And then, when you do get past the tree blocking the view to stand in front of the billboard... Well, at night, the lighting is such that even different brands of cell phones register too much brightness for a good shot.

I took 10 shots and they all came out more or less like that. And even when I don't have a proper camera on me, I am still a professional and know how to work under difficult circumstances.

Admittedly, when you can actually see the poster for Legends of Oz, it looks quite pretty. But you need to make a lot of adjustments to get a semi-decent nighttime shot of it.

It's just a shame, because whoever drew that poster deserves to have people be able look at it properly, from more than 15 feet away...

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