Monday, June 23, 2014

Literal Falling Skies Trailer

Below you will find another nice job by the Literal Trailer gang. They're not as solid as the Honest Trailers or How It Should've Ended folks... But they do nail some individual jokes so well that I feel a certain fondness for them. This clip certainly isn't new, but I think you might enjoy their take on a trailer for the Spielberg-produced TNT series, Falling Skies.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that I've liked the show. It's uneven, sure, and it can be awfully slow... But a lot of the cast is quite good, Jessy Schram and Will Patton and Colin Cunningham being especial standouts. The effects are quite good, I like the premise a lot, and FS has even managed to have a couple of good horror episodes (trust me, it's a big ask).

Yet just because I like a show - not enough to follow its third season yet, but still - doesn't mean I can't enjoy someone having fun at its expense. It's just a TV series, not a person...


  1. "Too slow" totally broke me of my Falling Skies habit back in the day. They make really effective promos, though, which TNT then proceeds to play to death. I forget why I was watching on TNT at the time, but there was one season's promo that was based around an audio clip of Patton yelling something like "take cover!" I pretty much got audio burn in from that promo.

  2. TNT has this amazing simultaneous skill and incompetence, it's really quite amazing.


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