Friday, June 20, 2014

Bill Murray Bartending Classiness

Quick note: my regular off-site reviews are returning, finally. I just needed to have a few entries prepared before I committed to these steady Sunday posts. Anyway, :

I've shown Bill Murray a lot of love over the last long while. Every month, I post another tribute to his inventiveness and natural talent. So, now, I give you the classic Shangri-La story from SXSW 2010. Hell, I'll give it to you in Gawker's own words:
Bill Murray became a guest bartender at the music festival South by Southwest. As the way-too-excited guy at the beginning of the video will tell you, Bill Murray refused everyone's order and only poured tequila.

If I revere the man, it's for a pretty good reason, don't you think? Seeing someone who's so often so clearly inspired is always a blessing.

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