Sunday, June 15, 2014

Imposters #55 - Draft Day

I actually think this is just fine. Today's poster features the lead, in context, and the tagline indicates that the action isn't going to be confined to the events of a football game.

I even like the differences between the fonts for the tagline and for the title, as well as the way the layout for the text over this image. The film tells you what it is, pitches its two big leads - Costner, Garner - and then shows the release date. 'nuff said.

The images in the background solidify the topic - the NFL draft - and if I had to guess, I'd say that Costner is either playing an ESPN employee, or he's a football exec. I actually read a review for the film, and my guesses "draft + football exec" were spot-on.

Damn, maybe I'm just proud that I managed to get a backlit nighttime photo of this glass-encased graphic and that my picture came out so well...

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  1. I had low expectations for "Draft Day" but found it to be surprisingly good due to a likable cast.


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