Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CollegeHumor's Daycare for Horror Babies

Do you have a child? Raising them is tough, right? But what if you're the sort of parent who wants your little one to represent the armies of Satan as evil takes over the world? What if you want your Tyler to become a telekinetic murderer? What if Jordan already knows she just wants to grow up and meet, then kidnap, the man of her dreams?

College Humor isn't a site I'd check out without a good reason. It's no insult, I just have limited time, and the name sounds like it's all "bro humor," with jokes more crass tan funny. Well, more the fool I, as they haven't lived up to my stereotypical expectations! The video they made is pretty damn entertaining.

I would've killed to see the diorama competition between Charlene from Firestarter and that little creep from The Ring.

That is all for the moment, but the Iron Man 3 review will be up soon! I'll try to have it up tonight, as an advanced screening would be perfect for Net-flixation's 500th post!

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