Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Question for the Week of Apr 15-21: Demented Scenes

What's your favorite demented scene from a movie? Don't cheat and include anything from Rocky Horror!
I haven't seen a movie of his since the LotR films, but I'm still a big fan of Peter Jackson - he won me over very early. Actually, he had my interest and respect quickly, as well, with demented stories that were executed in an impossibly inventive and clever way. Bad Taste is pretty much the perfect Troma film, as is Meet the Feebles.

This is part of why I wish I'd seen The Hobbit in the theater. The other reason is that it would've been in keeping with my tradition of this series of movies. I caught each and every one at the earliest midnight showing, or as soon as possible thereafter in the case of The Return of the King (my ex wouldn't even commit to a time because we both had a take-home test on its release day).

Perhaps I don't feel ready to write reviews that do justice to the rest of his indie work, but I still try to give a little extra attention to the creator(s), cast(s) and crew(s) whose work I respect and love. Please, don't forget that this month will see the 4th Anniversary of both Half a Film Student and this site, Net-flixation.

Please understand that I had not just values, but also goals, from the moment I decided upon this website as my writerly outlet. I find filmmaking tremendously satisfying and inspiring - novels and photography affect me along the same lines, yet more strongly, of course, as I make those myself (it's incipient, in the first case). I can honestly state that Brain Dead and MtF are creative efforts to rival anything I've ever seen, been impressed by, or enjoyed. Hopefully, I'll be able to walk you through both, soon.

I expect to review Brain Dead soon, so I may as well choose a scene from Feebles. If you do watch the clip below, keep in mind that Peter's early work has made people become ill:

Sorry. As much as I enjoy a good drama that really delves into or gives you an insight into its characters, as much as I revere laugh-a-minute comedies that make me laugh 'til it hurts, and as much as I love horror films that terrify about something that's not real, I have drawn a special form of appreciation from certain movies. Peter Jackson's early work never failed to connect - not just in general, but often on each of those three hallmarks at the same time. It's a small-to-medium part of why I hold Mr. Jackson in such esteem.

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