Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 38: Gut

Yes, after a long break, I am finally back with more Reviewing with Others! I needed to focus on moving into a new place and starting a new job. I also devoted time to this site's 4th year anniversary - when I began posting as Half a Film Student, I was fresh off a difficult relationship and a taxing job. I was all bummed out, and some of my friends had really let me down, and I chose this as a new outlet apart from photography and my other writings.

Speaking of which, Net-flixation broke 100,000 hits today! The milestone's keep on comin', as post #500 is just a few days away!

In any case, from now on, these off-site reviews will be back in the regular weekly rotation, possibly twice a week as I have a big backlog. Seriously, there are 20-odd screeners by my TV.

I just saw Gut, a psychological horror movie about a bored office man whose friend introduces him to some realistic, unnerving snuff film. Tensions rise as these two men find they can't stop thinking about what they've seen. Gut has a lot in common with 9MM, Videodrome, and my favorite Korean film, Tell Me Something. You can read my coverage here at Man, I Love Films.

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