Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CinemaSins Takes on Prometheus

Prometheus is, from everything I've heard, an awful yet well-made film that really, really deserves a lot of mockery.

Oh, god, ever since I read the story synopsis to Prometheus, I've been... stunned by Scott's "a little bit of Alien DNA" comments. Although it is supposed to look beautiful, I have been extremely skeptical of the entire premise from the moment I first heard of it. The various videos by fans and critics have uniformly described a picture in which things happen to characters because
(a) they happened in prior Aliens films - a triple-stupid mistake considering that P was a prequel - and
(b) the plots just progress with no logical sense, so characters do things whether or not it seems as dumb as rocks, or pretty much to be occurring at random.

And the treatment by CinemaSins bears this out. For a rare moment, I'm glad that a picture is received harshly.

It's not exactly smart or appropriate to judge something you haven't experienced for yourself, but this looked to be a mess from the get-go. Rather than be disappointed by a film, I'd prefer to read some old sci-fi and let my mind imagine the sounds and sights of a solid story...

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