Monday, May 19, 2014

Great Moments In... Affair Breakups

I watched The English Patient under unusual circumstances. I saw a very late showing of this uber-long pic, on a weeknight. Hype had already established the picture as a must-see... And the friend that invited me to a screening tried to steal me from my then-girlfriend, even though I'm not a cheater.

External elements aside, I was really stunned by the endless visual beauty of the film, enough so that the cinematography and the strengths of the performances kept me from criticizing (much less critiquing) the actual picture very much.

A few moments of the picture have stayed with me, of course - none more strongly than the end of the affair between the characters played by Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas.

I like the whole scene - their body language, the general push and pull of their conversation. Ralph's wounded response is excellent, and I have to like her reply even if it seems so... flimsy in context.

However, it's really the very last seconds of the clip that always stand out in my mind the most. It feels like real life, like an accident that occurred on set and Thomas just kept acting. And it makes me laugh every time. Isn't that little blunder just perfect?

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