Thursday, May 1, 2014

Imposters #48: Sabotage

Quick site note: to put up yesterday's post, I had to bump my review of I Know What You Did Last Summer from today to next Monday. But I do have a review going up the following week, for David Cronenberg's Existenz. My off-site indie film reviews, the Reviewing with Others entries, should be back up shortly, and I did an interview with a director which should also go live as podcast soon. I hope you all enjoy what's to come...

Well, there is no background to this poster at all, which would be a worse choice if the foreground itself didn't do so much of the informative work. (Seriously, where are they? Is that 2 AM at a train yard or a horse track? Or is it a freeway underpass?)

This story, judging by the image, is basically about the X-Games/MMA/Inked crowd becoming law enforcement. They have weird hair, and look like they attend at least 3 death metal concerts a week; I betcha they all have terrible hearing. Hell, in addition to all their body modifications, even their leader, Arnie, has some tattoos.

How do I know Arnold is their boss? Well, he's the oldest person there by miles; he's in the center of the pic, which is often reserved for the team lead as the main photographic subject; and, more importantly, when does Arnie not play the guy in charge?

(Note, sometimes in the 80s, he didn't play the guy in charge, but he always plays a paragon who's put together so well, he doesn't really need to take orders. He was basically always playing the Übermensch.)

The scuffed-up font on the title, is unnecessary, but I don't care about it much. The intense attempt at "cinematic cop story cred" feels kind of lame, however. They do score bonus points, tho, for an unrecognizable Josh Holloway on the left.

Am I the only one who wants to start a pool for how long 'til the Beastie Boys song appears in the soundtrack?

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