Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Harry Potter vs. Skywalker

I was lucky enough to have someone send me this link yesterday, and it is so much fun! About halfway through the vid, I realized that the person who sent me this deserves like a month of ice cream on me, or maybe just a whole lot of crepes and wine. This Fan-made Gem was posted two days ago, yet the RackaRacka crew have already gained over 2 million hits for their video entitled "Harry Potter VS Star Wars."

In terms of production values, editing, and smart directorial choices, this clip is a treasure. It neatly showcases what some clever and inventive fans can do with a few great ideas, a camera, some fx software, and a whole lot of inspiration. In both concept and execution, RackaRacka has exceeded all expectations. In short, they earned my respect, and they deserve yours. I hope you all enjoy what you're about to see:


  1. I think my favorite detail is the Wilhelm-ish scream at the 1:16 mark.

    1. Actually, I'm a big fan of (a) the two friends who sing the "Clash of the Fates" song, and then cry out "Gandalf, no!" - as well as (b) the response to the "chosen one" speech at the end.


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