Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Question for the Week of Apr 7-13: Worst Eponymous Film Song

So you're watching Lethal Weapon (it's a good review, but I should add more videos or pictures), and it's a funny and exciting movie. You just had a fine time seeing Danny Glover and pre-(public)insanity Mel Gibson nail every gritty action film beat. And then the credits start to roll, and you get this incredible mess:

I can't disrespect the artist, Honeymoon Suite, very much. I've never been paid to do anything for a motion picture, much less one of the biggest hits of the year... Of any year.

But the music is pretty uninspired, and the lyrics are just horrible. I hope the band was just asked to sing this, and didn't create the track from scratch... I'd feel like I'm being a little harsh - but just look at what I've transcribed, below:

When you lose your love
And it makes your life turn cold
When it tears you apart
Your heart and soul just can't go on
When love's alive, it sets you free
When it's gone, it's plain to see
How even love can become a lethal weapon

When you lose control
And you scare yourself sometimes
When you really don't care, yeah
That your life is on the line
No one outside can understand
You take your life in your own hands
And even love can become a lethal weapon

Killing you, that's the last thing love
Was ever meant to do
Become a lethal weapon

You know there is no hope of breaking free
And what you suffer happily
That's when love itself becomes
A lethal weapon

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