Thursday, April 10, 2014

Imposters #45: Divergent

[1:25AM UPDATE: I worked til 3 the other morning, and literally moved to a new apt that day. Today, the outline for my Serenity/Iron Sky review went up after this post. Sorry, but I scheduled most of this month in January and read the page on why I don't feel too badly about the snafu. This site is a free service, after all.]

The generic future city is undersold. There are so many ways of evoking the future - a radically altered US map, for example - without having to use what Elysium and other films have used. Except Matt Damon is a big draw, so I understand his face being featured.

You can tell I am fed up with this fad because I actually think then picture has many nice elements. The city, as shown, is actually very well drawn, and i like how it has some depth if you stare at it. The sky is beautiful, if impossible, unless that's what smog looks like. And I do like the colors in this poster.

The poses of the two figures are lame, tho. It suggests that they're scavengers, that they're looking for something. Since I assume that's part of the story (they're in their society's militia, if I recall), I can give the graphic designers behind this ad some credit. It gives us movie's leads and setting, while strongly implying their place in that setting. Nice!

I can't be as the gentle about the title and... Well, there's no tagline but the words that are supposed to get you to see this are "based on the worldwide bestseller." The words at the top are fine, I suppose. I like books, and it's good that they're appealing to that. It's also a neatly subtle way of saying "psst - YA novel! Just like Hunger Games!"

I don't like the font - of the title, not the rest. It's... ungainly, and not in a way that feels appropriate to what I assume one would want to evoke here. And the lens flare effect in the title is no good. This is JJ Abram's week off, okay?

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