Monday, April 14, 2014

Patrick Stewart's 2 Min. Acting Class

[6:30PM UPDATE: So my personal nightmare has ended! In the last week, I completed a rough apartment move singlehandedly, all while working 60+ hour weeks for the last 6 weeks (including Sundays). I have some downtime finally, so I don't have to get home every night and pack/unpack.

This means I have time to prep the Iron Sky/Serenity reviews that went up last Thursday in draft form. I will also post a non-music-related Question this week - it's one DJ and I were discussing, concerning the Marvel films. This week seems like the right time for both, and I actually don't have to rely on all the posts that I prepared in March for this month.]

The single take, the double take, the triple take, and the quadruple.

Seriously, I love this guy.

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