Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Imposters #49: Godzilla

I critique these posters often enough - and thoroughly enough, I think - to simply be able to say that this image is f--king great. The disaster scene looks excellent - we can tell this one is set in SF, due to the Transamerica Building - with a sense of urgency. I like that this image is supposed to be a nighttime shot, but the fire makes it nearly as bright as day.

It's also a good tease, hiding the star's face like that. The view from the back is intimidating enough, all things considered, and it gives fans room to speculate (although "big-ass lizard" does limit the possibilities somewhat).

As with its size and the use of all-caps, the redness of the font feels right, although it might not have been a good match for the fire effects in this poster. I do like the way the color contrasts with the white text just below it.

I might want to see a proper tagline, or a cast/director listing, but the starkness works just fine here. In addition, it acknowledges the real star of the picture. Godzilla doesn't need to share the lead credits with anyone. I also applaud the use of the Japanese character for "Gojira" - it looks really cool.

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