Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Imposters #51 - Spider-Man 2

Gotta admit, it's pretty ballsy when you don't even have to write the name of your movie on the poster for your film.

Then again, this franchise makes money on its worst days, and the costume does say it all.

I have to admit, though, that I feel annoyed with whoever designed this. Spider-man takes up better than half the image. What's he doing? Shooting a web out of his wrist, with one arm cocked to throw a punch. Why is he doing both at the same time like that?

If he's gonna pull someone forward to punch them, I'd rather see that, thank you Mr. Graphic Designer Man. Why oh why is Spidey even face-first, breaking the fourth wall in this poster? A shot in profile or from a distance would do fine.

Why is NYC, one of the most recognizable and architecturally beautiful cities in the world, in the far distance, like a total afterthought? That's Spidey's playground, guys!

And, by the by, where is our hero that he's that much higher than the Empire State Building? It can't be the Freedom Tower, as that's too far away and the view would be obscured by other buildings. Seriously, is Spider-Man on top of a blimp?

Maybe none of it was the fault of the graphic artists here. This "large, simple picture of what you want for your docile and hedonistic, frivolous brains" shot is typical modern-day marketing...

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