Friday, July 18, 2014

Bill Murray Foodiness

It's a pretty odd choice to have an actor/artist/comic force of nature on a food show. Then again, I don't think many people would pass up a chance to chow down with Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations, much less to dine at X20 in Yonkers. And who in their right mind wouldn't want Bill Murray's company?

As always - hell, as expected at this point - Mr. Murray truly made the best possible use of his (and our) time:


  1. Yonkers represent! Nice to see such big timers in my hometown(haven't gone to X20,so not in my price range) and I ought check this episode out,seriously.

    A lot of actors/entertainers do have major foodie interests such as Patton Oswalt and Lou Diamond Phillips and many times it's not just them being trendy. Dinner with Bill Murray,tho, pretty sweet!

    I do enjoy Bourdain's snarky take on the industry but find it amusing when ever he insists that his kid will never in her life eat fast food. Yeah, right-can you say teen rebellion? So easy to tick him off by walking in the kitchen with a batch of Mickey D fries or a BK Whopper:) I do wish him well but Bourdain can take himself a little too seriously at times.

    1. If you check Bourdain's Twitter, it looks like all the eps are/will be available online. I'm just surprised by my overall ignorance here. I didn't know about any of these folks being big time into food. And I'd never even heard of this restaurant!

      Similarly, I know Bourdain only by reputation and some anecdotes. It does sound as if he takes things way too seriously, and it is *utterly* ridiculous to pretend that you can guarantee what your kid will or won't do for the rest of her life.

      Does he never think she'll be driving with a friend late at night and get hungry? Because unless they're in NYC or something, they're gonna be stuck with fast food...

  2. I've read a couple of his books and while Bourdain can get realistic about the BS in the industry, he's the first to admit that he falls for it himself. In his last book, Bourdain thought that by telling his kid how "gross" fast food was (like snot,for example), she would never take an interest in it-talk about a fool's paradise!

    He of all people should know that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest,seriously.I think I have the Travel channel(too many channels to go through), so I might check there. Also, don't feel dumb by not knowing about celeb foodies, I just happen to be a bit of a foodie nerd or turbo nerd as my sister would call me:)


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