Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Trail(er)s: The Congress

If this trailer were any more meta, my TV would show a pair of hands that would reach out from the screen and choke me to death right now.


  1. Is it crazy if I say that I'm curious? The premise seems a little silly (and a lot meta) but it looks like Sucker Punch done by someone with more imagination and fewer sexual hangups than Zach Snyder.

    I wonder if the "Robin Wright, as...herself!" aspect of this will wind up being a terminal distraction. It could bring a Being John Malkovich sense of absurdity to the film, if it has more sense of humor than the trailer implies. As much as I like her in House of Cards, though, it's hard to imagine any conversation in Hollywood about actresses they'd like to pioneer their digitization program where she comes up:

    "Oh, I know, Robin Wright!"
    "Who the what now?"
    "You might know her as Robin Wright Penn."
    "I swear, if this is some British chick you've been screwing..."
    "No, she was Sean Penn's wife for a while."
    "You mean Madonna?"
    "No, after Madonna. This one's an actress."
    "So's Madonna."
    "A real actress. She was the chick in the Princess Bride."
    "Oh yeah, I remember her now..."

    If there's one thing Hollywood doesn't lack, it's actresses who are great talents but aren't as marketable as they were in their 20s and early 30s. This movie starring Julia Roberts as herself or Reese Witherspoon as herself makes a lot more sense.

  2. I really hate the way Hollywood treats actresses that are no longer young enough to pass for late 20s/early 30s. She has the chops, but she's always been a semi-draw, box office-wise. Her name is flaunted in some pix, but she takes roles in ensemble films and doesn't do action movies as some of her peers do...

    And, hell, don't think it's strange to be interested in this one! It looks really interesting - if ludicrous, for the reasons you stated. I would, however, like to pretend Snyder films were all just some nightmare I had, and never made it onto the screen. Probably Sucker Punch most of all...


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