Thursday, July 3, 2014

QftWo 6/30-7/6: Imposters #58 - Transformers Age of Extinction

Bombastic yet bland, and incredibly simple. A true lowest-common-denominator graphic is about what I'd expect from a Michael Bay picture, although the man actually has a fine photographer's eye.

Let me ask you something: I'm looking at a weirdly-designed giant robot right? It's probably powered off of super nuclear fusion or something. So... why the f--k does it use a sword? Can someone tell me why it can't fight with lasers?...


  1. Maybe it's a laser sword? I've never watched any of the Transformers movies(or the cartoon,come to think of it) so that's my best guess.

    1. And it already sounds like you gave it more thought than the filmmakers.

  2. 1) The funny thing is that poster is toned down from this one:

    Which has him waving a sword and riding a robot dinosaur. I'm guessing the robot dinosaur is a transformer, that transforms to go undercover among…dinosaurs?

    2) Laser guns have been known to jam, man. A robo-sword always gets the job done.


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