Thursday, July 31, 2014

QftWo 7/28-8/3: Imposters #62 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The large poster is, to my surprise, pretty cool. I like the colors, the font looks good, and the graphic advertises the film in general instead of just the actors (hell, they're not mentioned at all).

It's also just a very nicely-drawn image. It conveys conflict, and I like the use of a San Francisco landmark instead of one's from New York City or DC. Also, if I remember one of the reviews correctly, the climax of the last film was a battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, so that's fitting...

Now, with the lack of humans - even through names of the director or cast - this runs the risk of being like the Transformers 4 poster: semi-mindless pandering that only interests people who are already interested in it. And that criticism might apply to the long strip-style poster I saw on a bus. Because I like to go for extra bonus points, I walked out into traffic to get the shot:

It's neat that it conveys the length of the Bridge itself, and that it uses an ape in the foreground for contrast. But something about the one ape just chilling out there, with nothing else around... Well, if the bridge was damaged in the earlier pic, this graphic doesn't convey much of anything.

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