Wednesday, July 16, 2014

QftWo 7/14-7/20: Imposters #60 - Birdman

Major props go to the style of the painting itself, which reminds me of Russian propaganda posters or something. I also love the way the names of the cast are written, with such odd spacing...

And the overall effect of the image - a painting of Michael Keaton looking confused with a miniature version of Hawkman perched on his head - prepares me for some sort of satire and makes me want to laugh. It's the subtitle that drives home the idea.

For a poster that doesn't directly say anything about the film (save the title's connection to the thing on MK's head), I find this to be quite evocative. Lovely.


  1. If I remember correctly, the film is set in and around a theatrical production--I wonder if that propaganda style, the "justified full" square block of text, and the parenthetical subtitle are supposed to be evocative of theater posters? Maybe the posters for WPA-era plays?

    1. It's entirely possible! But for me it's a really cool graphic with a good design and, most importantly, Keaton is a fine actor and I miss him.

      I'm getting soft in my old age, aren't I?


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