Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reviewing with Others, pt 74: Coherence

Hi, everyone! Today's indie review is for Coherence, an incredible piece of low-budget, high-concept science fiction from a first-time writer/director. It's still in some theaters (e.g., Tucson, Denver, San Diego) now, which you can check on the film's official site, and it comes very, very strongly-recommended by yours truly.

My prior Reviewing with Others entries have all been films submitted for review, but I liked what I heard so much that I contacted the distributors and asked them to let me check it out. I was not disappointed, and you won't be, either. In many ways, this pic reminds me of Shane Carruth's Primer, and that's pretty high praise for lovers of sci-fi. It also gets bonus points for featuring Nicholas Brendon, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, an he's in fine form here...

Anyway, you can read my thoughts here, at Man, I Love Films.

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