Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Defined

5 posts were scheduled already for this month (including my overall review of 2014), but now we'll add reviews of the fine Aussie horror pic, Babadook - and Interstellar, which I found time for.

In addition, I cancelled one Reviewing with Others entry (lack of time), but will still do the one I couldn't get to last month.

Also, I got to view some more 2014 releases, and may add reviews of those, too. It's not entirely clear where I'll find time for that, but it's an idea that's percolating due to changed circumstances.

Given that Babadook is an indie film with a great central female character, I really want to promote it. And, thus, Snowpiercer won't be my last review here, so now it's starting to seem appropriate to add a few more films onto the queue...

Finally, there will be a new Imposter entry, for Interstellar, which will supplement the one I scheduled for December ages ago.

Things continue to be difficult, but I approach problems as challenges, ones I really try to tackle with a combination of smarts and grace. A great sense of humor helps, since you'll be just as screwed without one - and in terrible spirits. Those three things are pretty much the holy trinity of my life... And off-the-charts cuteness. And great hair days. And relentless fun. And good food.

Fine, let's forget the trinity thing, okay?

But I like the fact that I can survive hard times and generally keep a good mood. Getting through the day, week, or month in good shape requires not only a lot of thinking, but also managing one's emotions. To quote Wallace Stevens, "one must have a mind of Winter..." Well, Winter's here a little early.


  1. Know how you feel,seriously, but fortunately pop culture helps to cushion the rough spots there. Keep on keepin' on, as the old schoolers say:)

    1. Exactly right, although I must admit that music helps me process really tough times, while movies tend to help me ignore them.

      Anyway, as I revealed to you yesterday, I'll be reviewing three movies that are out in theaters now - which is totally unprecedented for this blog. All I have to do is find time to finish my writeup for Interstellar (which should go up tomorrow), and to begin my reviews of Babadook and Big Hero 6. And I still long to see Inherent Vice, and maybe Whiplash and Selma as well.


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