Thursday, December 25, 2014

Movie Dance Party

We have dancing or live music in my house roughly once a week. It's... it's just great, and I say that as a guy that can make up at least one decent song each week. I've been unlucky enough to have had many rough times, but the adversity teaches you (I hope) to respond to new crises in a good way. Staying calm is important, keeping perspective is important, and finding happiness wherever you can is the icing on the cake. As I described earlier in the month, these really have been rough times.

And a house full of music really helps on that front. The other day, I couldn't help but introduce my flat-mates to some fan-made gems that are generally dance songs. Those of you who've come here since 2012 should recognize something that starts out hard then becomes more mellow, like "Say What Again" by Pogo:

This next work of art, however, is actually holiday-appropriate. It's the audio-only version, so you won't see the film moments that help make the song so fun, but this should be very familiar to those who've followed me for a while:

That vid is my favorite thing of ever. I love everything about this video and song - including the reminder that the world was so much cooler with Phil Hartman in it. I felt like this about it even before I learned that the song's title is "Jungle All the Way." F--K YES.

It's genius, but what else can you expect from a guy who made this video on the Scottish referendum:

Or this 1 min, 30 sec wonder that's convinced me to start making cookies and brownies at home again, although I keep thinking I should add "bacon" to the whole experience, despite me giving up pork (not for religious reason):

Or a track built around Britain's Masterchef (which, I f--king swear, I always read as "master chief" at first):

We shouldn't leave out hip-hop, though. I happen to blessed by the best possible example of the art-form, for which we turn to the inimitable artistic stylings of Bane (kicks in at 40 seconds, if you're impatient):

But the musical wonderland doesn't really end, as "Shatner of the Mount" is virtually my spirit guide. Since the day I first learned of this magnificent video, it has brought me comfort and joy:

"Batman Maybe" is perfect, in its own way, but it's the only clip here that's based on a preexisting song. I guess that makes the dance-ability of the track a lock, whereas the other videos take greater risks. As was the case two years ago, its humor works well enough that I must add it here:

Oh, man, I can't help myself anymore. I'm lost in the musical majesty of the moment, so we might as well all get onto our blue mats, think about life, and blissfully drift away with this gem:

My steam has boiled down, and there's nowhere to go but off... elsewhere. Some new city. some new state, some new country or planet... In any case, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

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