Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Netflix's Great Nod to Arrested Development

I am, at times, rather sentimental. And the holidays, as well as the end of the year, always have a big impact on me. I genuinely believe in cleaning house, in every way, before the New Year. You say anything you have to say this year that you don't even want to think about next year... you clean and inventory everything you own ... and you write the blog posts that you'll regret not writing later... So:

November 29, 2014 was a nice day. You don't know why? Well, I was screwing around on Netflix for an hour, and soon after I logged in and scrolled down, I saw this:

So, first thing off, I'm half-ignoring the screen until I notice the title of this row. I nearly zoomed past it. Then, I start laughing hard because I see the second title and say, "The Vanishing of the BEADS?!?!?"

Then the second row didn't disappoint, either.

The magic and puppet-related material was smart enough, but ending on the word "illusion" was inspired. Dear heaven, I can hear the way I should read the titles.

It's easy to gripe about Netflix - I have, repeatedly - but I always give them credit when the do something creative and clever. The reality is, they often have... and certainly pulled it off this time.

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