Thursday, December 25, 2014

OOPS, a Schedule Update

Long story short, I never stated what the schedule and plan for the site would be. It's a big oversight, since I announced my retirement from blogging, then said I just had a few movies to cover because I was obligated to.

Well, there is no schedule. The reasons I stated for stopping - mainly lack of time, being busy - still stand. Also, I revealed that I'm helping to care for an extremely sick relative, and that makes my free time even more precious.

But there is something like a plan. I have been seeing a lot of this year's movies over the last while, and I want to cover those. So, coming up are Under the Skin, Big Hero 6, and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy (it was a gift, yet I might not watch it soon).

I also will try to see and review: Whiplash, Selma, The Immigrant, Inherent Vice, Two Days One Night, and Blue Ruin. A lot of my recent viewing includes the "big" movies of the year, and I think a nice way of closing out the blog would be to take a look at all those. In 5 and 1/2 years, I've never tried that...

There are some big movies that I won't get to look at, though. I have no interest in what Lars von Trier has to say about sex so Nymphomaniac (both one and two) is out. I got Grand Budapest Hotel as an Xmas gift, but I may not watch it soon, and I might take forever to review it. I don't know that I'll find the time for Boyhood, Gone Girl, and Birdman, but I may cover some 2013 pictures like Only Lovers Left Alive, Twelve Years A Slave, and The Wolf of Wall Street...

It'll be fun, right?

I won't add much of any other entry types. There will be one or two fan-made gems, my promised look at Interstellar posters, my year-end wrapup, and my thoughts on the films above. I may add some notes about the TV shows I've seen this year, and a Bill Murray post. I may also continue my annual holiday reviews, with the appropriately inappropriate Christmas film, Reindeer Games.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday. I'll try to update this site's about page with this info. There's more to say, but I must be off!

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