Wednesday, December 17, 2014

QftWo 12/15-12/21: Imposters #77 - The Interview

This poster for The Interview really is wonderful. The hyperbolic nature of the Asian style is different and eye-catching. It reveals very little directly - note the untranslated Korean words at the bottom - but the bombs and such do give an idea of what you're in store for.

But who cares if you can't understand it? The graphic has a great use of color, with the white and title text breaking up the top and bottom of the image. The font for the film title is pretty neat, too, and I like the Korean translated below the stars' names.

I have to appreciate how creative and distinct this poster is - anyone would look twice (at least) at this work...


  1. The poster does look great but the movie doesn't Putting aside the big corporate hack/international controversy deal for the moment, the clips I've seen from The Interview looked very labored to say the least.

    A whole bunch of people trying to be funny just isn't funny. In a weird way, the folks opposed to this movie are actually helping it with all of this publicity(a smarter tactic would've been for them to just ignore it and let The Interview be judged on it's own merits, which I suspect are not many).

    1. Yeah, there was no way I'd ever see this movie. If I were sick and in bed and I didn't have my remote, I'd still get up to change the channel. Seth and James aren't especially my thing, although they have had some successes before, this didn't look like it could be one of those.

      The crazy thing is that as much as the hackers increased the profile of this picture, they actually got what they wanted: 5 of the biggest US theater chains have pulled the movie... It's scary that they got that response, and I feel extra stupid for having a post I wrote in the Summer go up now amidst this controversy...

  2. Don't feel stupid, no one had a way of knowing how this was going to turn out. What gets me is the whole "James Franco is the coolest guy ever" deal-when did we take a vote on this? Was I absent that day?

    Franco has just become the most obnoxious ass over the past few years(not to mention perving on girls online) and if it weren't for the threats to innocent bystanders here, I would be enjoying the serious humbling a clunker like The Interview would give him.

    It is scary that the theater backed out but you can't blame them. Even if there is no organized attack planned, some lone wolf jackass(like that SOB who took that cafe hostage in Sydney) could attempt something terrible and no one wants to risk that. I saw someone online suggest that The Interview be released via VOD and that is actually a smart idea. *Sigh* It should be safe to go to the movies, even the crappy ones!

    1. Well, as we've both seen in the news, the thing isn't going to get any kind of release. So in this situation, everyone except the cyber-crooks loses. Even fans of sh--ty comedies...

      It's not knowing that this would turn out that way that bothers me so much as being too lazy/busy to have posted this earlier (or just deleting the post after I SaaS the news).

      Franco, as far as I know, isn't cool in anybody's book. Or, if he is, then it's people who vote on the mtv movie awards. Do either of us care about that demographic's opinions. And, yes, I hope he gets some severe impacts to his genitals - which is something I wish on all internet guys who perv on young women.

      What's even more amazing is that all this news has been generated about a movie that was nearly guaranteed to be forgettable. And its best punishment would've been just that - bombing with critics and at the box office, reduced to a forgotten effort, or one remembered with nothing but derision.


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