Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Honest Trailers: LotR

I'm keeping things brief today because yesterday's review of The Words had some fluke where the last 4 paragraphs became one big clumped-together paragraph. It was extra-weird, since the error only popped up once I made a few corrections - then the two times I corrected that, it reappeared immediately... Anyway, after yesterday's sucky experience, I'll just get to the point and go.

It's another week, and so we have another Fan-made Gem! This time out, it's an Honest Trailer entry - for Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings films.

The plot description starts out great and stays strong through the first minute and ten seconds or so. I don't think this entry is as strong as prior ones, so if I'm wildly overestimating this installment of Honest Trailers, it must've been the start that hooked me hard...

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