Tuesday, January 15, 2013

(Lousy) Cell Phones in Film

How ridiculous is the usage of cell phones in film?

I'm on record, if in a slight way, as decrying the TV/Film approach towards science. However, we've come to a point where certain cliches have grown to prominence, and I should take the time - the time in this absurd future date of 2013 (2013: Rise of the Origins of the Dark!)- to point one out. In this case, it's the convenience of cell phone reception and its use in film. I'm glad that someone made a video highlighting it:

Even this morning, I had some problems with this post coming out correctly (it used the second-to-last draft that I prepared, and the html was literally posted), and I had trouble getting to anywhere to change this. The outage I experienced wasn't unique, and it's happened a few times before, but it didn't feel as forced as some of these movie cliches.

Today's post is just a Fan-made Gem, so I won't get into it with more depth, but I think I'll be returning to this topic in the future. Maybe I'll do a Question post on it, or a R3V1EW3R$ article...

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