Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reviewing with Others, Pt. 35: The Typewriter

Some site notes before we get started: for one, if anyone cares about my schedule, my next Reviewing with Others posts will be the seminal gay picture Swoon, followed byGut, a thriller. My schedule has been a bit weird lately, but I'm still posting more than 4x/week. That should drop back to a steady 4 by the end of this month, though.

Also, for my End of 2012 back-patting session, I tried to limit myself to 5 favorites per type of entry. I was shocked that I didn't include the Fan-made Gem with "Achilles' Last Stand" playing over a clip from Game of Thrones (which I still haven't watched). I'm not ashamed to state that the clip brings me raw joy, I'm just ashamed it didn't get mentioned.

Back to today's news: I've seen the documentary film The Typewriter (in the 21st Century), and reviewed it over at Man, I Love Films. Follow that link to learn how my viewing experience went...

I'll see you all tomorrow or Friday, depending on how quickly I can edit this week's Question.
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