Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inappropriate Soundtracks are Inspired

Inspired by Something Awful, Boonehams has an unpredictable wit, a strong imagination, and a great love of movies. This person basically alters the music track of a movie scene in order to add, well, an inappropriate soundtrack. The selections aren't always perfect, but I've laughed very hard at about half of the clips I've seen so far.

Unfortunately, certain policy issues seem to be a problem. Despite the work's fair use of video and audio material for parody purposes, some have been removed. Apparently, certain websites just take stuff down without paying attention to the underlying ideas and concepts at stake here.

And now I'm torn between wanting the material to get attention, and being concerned about it. Below, you can check out Road Warrior meets It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. If you're not in the mood for anything long, just skip to the next vid.

Or something even cooler, and way shorter - Cool Hand Luke meets- I can't spoil it... something from the '80s:

Home Alone, on the other hand, got the trailer recut treatment, in a chilling indictment of children's films:

And I really like Boonehams's choices for Kill Bill:
Kevin is the magnificent badass who introduced me to these vids over a quick conversation; I appreciate his taste as much as I'm grateful to him for pointing this out. I'm also glad for the (relatively few sources) that helped me get a handle on this video poster and their fine work.

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