Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The End of An Era

Hell, of two eras, actually. For one, I just left my apartment after nearly a decade. For two, I am now a resident of Brooklyn. I've lived and loved and laughed in Kings County so many times, but I have to wonder if this blog will change now that I'm operating from somewhere other than Manhattan.

It's so momentous, I might as well share Ben Croshaw's fantastic Aliens zinger; what a perfect logo for Weyland-Yutani...

In related news, I've been up 40 hours straight. It was the only way to get the move in time. Fortunately, I prepare posts in advance, so the only big disruption here was that I showed more Fan-made Gems than usual; actually, I've got quite a few exciting Gems to share with you all, but expect to see some reviews back up here soon.

I've lifted, transported, and stacked many hundreds of pounds worth of.. stuff these last few days, and I'm right at the limit of my ability to stay awake (3 & 1/2 days is my record, iirc). It's all exciting, and scary, and (though I don't need it) it's a good validation of physical and mental toughness that I kept everything running fairly smoothly while in the midst of a personal housing crisis.

Actually, what am I thinking? I should pretend that I'm the lead in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Or, perhaps better, a version of Nancy's boyfriend who won't zonk out watching TV when he promised to keep her awake...

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