Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Question for the Week of Mar 18-24: Best Final Frame

What movie made the best use of its final shot?
That's an interesting and thoughtful question! It's like a painting that makes use of its frame to embellish and/or elaborate on the picture's subject.

Normally, I'd warp the question a little, and try to talk about the closing moments of Tarkovsky's Solaris. I was watching a badly-translated VHS copy in 2002, and so there were many things that didn't get across to me well. Yet the final moment - the astronaut's emotion and the imagery of the scene - was very clear, and beautiful, and effective. Big-time SPOILER WARNING for a foreign masterpiece, ya'll:

But today, I'm not in the mood to answer in a way that I normally would, and I want to be both literal. I also want to go with something different.

In this case, I'll give you the very last instant that a picture had to express something to its audience: the terrible, sketchily-plotted, mostly mis-managed Blade Trinity. It was a disappointing end to a series whose second installment did not please me. I preferred the first film's understated tone - the action was over-the-top, sure, but not the tone. Enough talk, here's the final image that you see when you watch the third Blade, just after the end of the credits:

It's wonderful, isn't it? I genuinely wish that someone put the credits on youtube, so I could just have the credits play out and lead to that little moment.

And I think it's pretty hard to argue that first-time director David Goyer's choice doesn't deserve to be the top pick...

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