Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fan Makes Great Film Score Portraits

Youtube user "StefanMiklos" obviously loves movies and their soundtracks. In this case, the intrepid film buff has made 23 videos that are described as "portraits" of the characters from certain flix. However, these character portraits all have a title that lists the cinematic composer first, then the name of the picture and the year of its release.

Scenes from each movie are shown, while sections of the score play out. It's a great way to do tribute to the importance of sound in cinema, as well as the efforts of some exceptional composers.

One particular quirk is that this fan has a real thing for 70s action fare. Once the playlist loads up, you'll notice it - Taxi Driver, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Mechanic... This person has a specific love for one era in film-making, and a particular ear for the fine soundtracks provided by Jerry Fielding, Lalo Schifrin, and Bernard Herrmann.

I'm really impressed with the editing StefanMiklos does with the aural and visual film elements, and how they play out the story of the entire movie. It's a fine way to do a "portrait" of a cinematic character, while highlighting the fine audio work in each pic. I really like this work, and I hope you enjoy it, too. Watch the embedded video below, then check out this hard-working fan's Youtube channel.


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