Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bill Murray Ongoing Baseball Exceptionalness

Another two weeks, another time to show some form of affection for the excellent Mr. Murray. This one won't be as long as the last, though. For one thing, I wanted to take some time to put into words just part of why I think he's so easy to respect and appreciate. For another, it needed some set up - y'know you might be wondering why the hell Bill Murray was with a member of the Armed Forces and jumping out of a plane.

This time around, all you need to know is that th beloved actor is a part owner of the St. Paul Saints, a professional baseball team that operates in a league outside Major League Baseball. The crowd is entertained by an enthusiastic chap they call "St. Paul Sieve." The guy zip-lines into the stadium and then goes toe-to-toe with Bill Murray! Let's watch:

Even if I'm the only one enjoying these, I'm going to keep at it. The world lost Phil Hartman in 1998, but at least we still have Murray, y'know?... Maybe instead of one of these ridiculously-titled entries (I really enjoying giving them silly titles), I'll do a proper review of one of his pictures soon and that'll count as that month's entry...

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