Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Werner Herzog" Recites Curious George

We all know and respect Werner Herzog, right? I enjoyed Rescue Dawn, as you can read in my review of same. And this fine German filmmaker came up just last month when he made a very important no-holds barred 34-minute PSA about the consequences of texting and driving.

But today's post isn't about this fine artist's voice - it's about his literal, accented voice when he speaks English. Some clever person made a nice video wherein someone impersonating Mr. Herzog reads aloud an adventure with every one's favorite monkey, Curious George. It's a hoot.

Do you like this, too? Are those soothing German tones making you recontextualize the hazy childhood memories you had of this clever and naughty monkey, and the love given to that simian by a kind-hearted white dude with a yellow hat?

I can't help but think that what we need next is a version wherein "Werner Herzog" recites Where the Wild Things Are!

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